The Frost Protection Controller is an integrated, low cost frost risk management system that reduces the risk of frost damage to an orchardist's crop. The system constantly monitors the orchard temperature using a Pt100 RTD sensor. When frost damage is imminent, the controller automatically initiates the timely delivery of water spray to the area at risk, raising the humidity level. Water delivery is maintained in a continuous cycle to the affected zones until the frost conditions have abated, ensuring better crop protection and conserving resources such as water and power.

Texmate provide the only frost protection systems that combine environmental monitoring with automatic irrigation control. This allows the orchardist to sleep easy during potential crop damage conditions.

The frost protection control system includes: Frost protection controller (DI-60AT). 230 V to 24 V AC, 50 watt transformer.

Note: Irrigation Equipment Not Supplied

Frost Protection Controller

How it Works:

The controller is a compact 1/8 DIN unit containing all input and output devices and can be located either in the orchard or some other control area. A 230 V to 24 V AC, 50 watt transformer is used to open and close the sprinkler solenoid valves in a continuous cycle. Once the temperature setpoint is reached, setpoint SP1 starts the sprinkler pump in the orchard. Sprinkler valves, driven by setpoints SP2, SP3, SP4, are then pulsed ON at an adjustable rate in a zoned sequence until the frost danger has passed.