Texmate Panel Meter DU-35KF


Base Price $139.00

K Thermocouple order, °F, 3.5 digit, 0.56" LED

Features & Specifications

Download DU-35KF Features & Specifications (PDF).

Product Information

Download DU-35KF Full Manual (PDF).

Custom Faceplates for Meters

Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 1 color
Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 2 color
Custom Faceplate, No minimum - Artwork and setup
Call for Custom Faceplate with Logo - Artwork and Setup

Display Options

3.5 digit Super Bright Red LED, 0.56 inches high
Header Select °C / °F for DU-35J/K/RTD
3.5 digit Green LED display.
Green LED display for DU-35J or K.
Dummy zero, 3.5 digit Green LED display.
Dummy zero, 3.5 digit Red LED display.

Large Run Custom Faceplates

Minimum order of 250 dollars - 1 color (250 pcs @ $1 each).
Minimum order of 350 dollars - 2 color (250 pcs @ $1.40 each)..
Minimum order of 450 dollars - 3 colors (250 pcs @ $1.80 each)..
Custom Faceplate, 250 min. - Artwork & setup + Logo.

Range Change

Non-standard Range and Scale changes.
Factory calibrated range change, see specific meter's data sheet.

Cases and Case Accessories


High Strength Panel Mounting Adapter Kit

NEMA-4X Clear Lockable Water and Dust Proofing Cover

NEMA-4X Panel to Case Seal Adapters

NEMA-4X Water and Dustproof Membrane Touch Pad Faceplate

Power Supply