Our customer has a large log saw with a log feed motor and requires to optimize efficiency of the cutting operation. The log feed motor speed is controlled by the 4-20 mA output scaled from the saw blade motor current. As the saw motor load increases above 90% load, the log feed motor slows. If the load increases above 120%, the feed motor stops. If the load increases to 150%, the saw motor stops.

The motor load is represented on the tri-color bargraph. The bargraph scale indicates 1% steps in motor current, and changes from green to orange at 90% load and orange to red at 120% load. The digital display indicates saw motor amps.

15_AC Current Measurement with Load Control


  • 4 relay setpoints can be individually programmed to activate above or below the setpoint setting.
  • Setpoints can be programmed with delay-on-make and delay-on-break time delay settings.