The application notes are loosely divided into topical categories and by alphabetical listing. They are individual, single-page application note diagrams that describe and show Tiger 320 Series controllers in a wide range of measurement, control, and automation applications.

Industrial Control Brochures

SG100 Load Cell Controller (PDF)

SG100 Load Cell Controller (PDF)

The Texmate SG100 Load Cell Controller is a high performance, programmable digital weighing system delivering precise measurement and control from a load cell input. It is pre-configured with the calibration options required for silo and tank weighing applications.

A 6-digit alphanumeric LED display provides easy to follow setup word prompts for all load cell parameters using the scrolling menu options.

Process Measurement (PDF)

Process Measurement (PDF)

Reduce the cost of your process measurement and control applications. Use the Texmate range of digital displays, bargraph displays, digital meter relays for your process control applications. For advanced process and automation applications use a Tiger 320 Series controller. There are many input signal conditioners including 4-channel combinations to suit any application. Outputs including relays,SSRs,analog and serial are available to suit your control applications. Status/logic inputs for reset and control applications,plus the optional macro programmability for instructive text messaging and advanced automation and control applications.

LVDT Controller (PDF)

LVDT Controller (PDF)

The LVDT200 is an accurate, high performance, programmable dual channel controller that delivers precise measurement and control for applications using Linear Differential Transformer - LVDT - inputs.

The 6-digit alphanumeric LED display provides easy to follow setup prompts for all LVDT parameters using intuitive scrolling text configuration menus.

ISM1 Magnetostrictive Smart Input Module (PDF)

ISM1 Magnetostrictive Smart Input Module (PDF)

Redefining linear displacement measurements, the ISM1 smart input module provides sub-micro meter resolution over the entire length of the positioning equipment. Interfaced with industry standard micro-pulse magnetorestrictive transducers, the combination of the ISM1 and the Tiger 320 operating system deliver four independent linear displacements, four independent rates of change, and two high speed setpoint controls.

AC Measurement (PDF)

AC Measurement (PDF)

The Texmate family of digital displays, digital meter relays, intelligent controllers and ransducers is designed to cover all your AC Measurement needs. With an array of innovative features and display options you need look no further than Texmate.

Application Notes

Cutting Control

Environmental Control

Feed Roller Control



Fluid Level/Control



Material Control

Motor Control


Plating Control


Process Control

QC Testing

Rolling Text Messaging


Temperature Control