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Texmate Made in the USAMade in the U.S.A. Quick delivery. Built to Last. Founded in 1976, Texmate designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of intelligent, high quality, made-in-the-USA, IIoT-ready, UL certified and CE/RoHS compliant panel and DIN rail mount indicators, bargraphs, process controllers, and micro PLCs for over 40 years. Applications include manufacturing, oil and gas, food processing, agriculture, power/energy, military, medical and environmental measurement and control. See application examples by clicking here.

Texmate Tiger PLC network FI-B101D50E Programmable Meter Controller PMC
FI-B101D50T Programmable Meter Controller PMC

Your Meter your Way
Custom configured meter families

Tiger Family Products Page

Tiger Family
Smart Controllers Micro PLC
DI, FI, and GI series

Leopard Family Products Page

Leopard Family
Process Controllers
BL, DL, FL and PL series

Lynx Family Products Page

Lynx Family
Digital Panel Indicators
BX and DX series

Feature ComparisonFeature Comparison for
Tiger, Leopard, and Lynx products

Industry First Plug n Play Transducers / Transmitters

Plug and Play TDX Transducers Page

Texmate Advanced PID Controllers
Texmate Advanced PID Controllers

Texmate SM-35-DCV

Easily-Scaled 5V DC Powered Panel Meter

Selectable Multi-range:
50mVDC, 100mVDC Current Shunt,
2V, 20V and 200V with optional 1000VDC
range, optional 4-20mA, optional 5V isolator
and optional Differential Measurement

Great for High Voltage EV Battery
and Solar Battery Range

Texmate FB-B50
FB-B50 4-20mA Loop Powered Bargraph Flyer

Texmate CL-B101D40

Smart switchboard style Tricolor or Mono-color digital bargraph with 0.56" LED display controller and four fully programmable set points for monitoring, measurement, and control applications.
CL-B101D40HZ Frequency
CL-B101D40PS Programmable Scale Factor
CL-B101D40RPM RPM Measurement
CL-B101D40-TC Thermocouple
CL-B101D40PF NEW Power Factor Indicator
FL-B101D40PF NEW Power Factor Indicator

84mm Large LED Indicator & Controller Flyer
TL-DUAL-LOOP and TL-QUAD-LOOP Transmitters

SPM-083CL 4-20mA Dimmable, 7V drop
SPM-083ACHZ 20-800Hz @15-200 VAC
SPM-083VDC 15-199 VDC
SPM-083VAC 10-199.9 VAC
0.01% and 0.05% Super Accurate
10mA consumption
Loop Powered and Signal Powered meter
10mm (0.394”) LED Display
Crompton 083 Series Replacement

Texmate Loop Powered Meters
Other Loop Powered Meters