Our customer manufactures machines for applying labels to cans. They require a controller to control the temperature of the glue and glue roller. The controller also needs to control the length of time the feed mechanism operates to feed the label over the glue roller and spin the can to apply the label. Texmate installed a Tiger 320 Series DI-503 3-display programmable meter controller (PMC). Two thermocouple inputs control the temperature of the glue and the glue roller and inhibit the machine so that it will not operate unless the glue temperature is within set limits. A timer controls the clutch, which controls the label feed and can spin time. The timer is configured for 0.001 seconds resolution and is easily adjustable by the operator.

A can is placed onto the machine. After 300 milliseconds the clutch operates the label feed, the can spins for 1 revolution, and then the clutch disengages and stops the can with the label attached. Clutch operating time is displayed on the primary display and glue temperature is displayed on the 2nd display. The clutch control relay operates a can counter and is displayed on the 3rd display.

25_Can Label Glue Application Machine


  • For larger cans, the glue is often applied only to the forward edge and the rear edge of the label. This is done by raising and lowering the label onto the glue roller at the start and end of the can spin cycle. The setpoints to operate the label raise lower sequence automatically follow the timer settings for the spin time and can position.