Our customer operates a fruit packhouse. His customers deliver their fruit in large bins for grading, packing and distribution.

The full bins are loaded onto a conveyer and then transferred to a load cell weighing platform. The bin raises to a weigh position and then stops. After a 1 second delay (load cell to stabilize) the full bin is weighed. The bin then raises and tips the produce onto a second grading conveyer. The bin then returns to the load cell weigh position and stops. After a 1 second delay the empty bin is weighed.

The Tiger 320 Series controller subtracts the empty bin weight from the full bin weight. The result is the fruit weight. The bin number is counted, the fruit weight is added to the total fruit weight and the average fruit weight per bin is calculated.

A serial printer connected directly to the Tiger controller RS-232 serial port prints a receipt detailing the day:month:year, hrs:mins:sec, number of bins, total fruit weight and average fruit weight per bin.

19_Fruit Weighing Application


  • Use 6 digit alphanumeric display for improved operator instruction and legability.
  • RS 232 output to computer for analysis and production records.