The melt pressure of a plastic extruding or moulding process is an important parameter to measure and control. However, to obtain a reliable reading of the melt pressure requires the pressure transducer to be calibrated at the melt temperature of the plastic. For moulding machines that are used with more than one type of plastic, calibration must be performed for each type.

The Tiger 320 Series programmable meter controller facilitates frequent calibration by using ON-DEMAND 2-point calibration.

By simply pressing the program button for 4 seconds, the calibration ratings are entered. Not only that, but the Tiger automatically makes use of the shunt resistor that is built into the melt pressure sensors. This means 80% of full scale pressure can be simulated at 0 pressure input by connecting the shunt resistor.

35_Melt Pressure Sensors with Shunt Calibration Option