The Tiger 320 Series controller using a pH sensor input module operates directly with standard pH sensor outputs.

For quick and easy sensor calibration, the Tiger 320 Series controller has On-demand single and two-point calibration functions from the front panel program button.

The relay outputs controlling the pH reagent are programmed in the repeat mode (programmable OFF/ON-time). After a selected time interval, the solution pH is checked (OFF-time), and if reagent is required, a programmed (ON-time) amount of the reagent chemical (acid or caustic) is added. The cycle continues until the reaction tank is at the correct pH level.

16_pH Control  using the Tiger 320 Series


  • RTD input for temperature compensation.
  • Relays for temperature control and alarm functions.
  • A small macro can be added so that the reagent relay ON time is automatically adjusted to regulate the reagent flow proportionally relative to the pH setpoint error.
  • Automation output for sensor retraction and calibration.

  • PID control.
  • Data logging.
  • Batch processing.
  • Continuous on-line control.
  • Analog output