The Texmate sterilizer controller has many new and unique features making it ideal for steam sterilizer / autoclave manufacturers and refurbishers to upgrade analog sterilizers to digital control. The controller contains all the built-in temperature control and timer functions for steam sterilizer operations in easy to program menus described below.

The dual alphanumeric display with a five-button IP65 polyester faceplate, fronting a 96x48mm 1/8 DIN case, is the ideal operator interface for easy programming and displaying sterilizer menu messages.

54_Steam Sterilizer / Autoclave Controller.

  • Easy front panel configuration and control using instructive programming menu messages.
  • Selectable STERILIZE ONLY or STERILIZE AND DRY cycles.
  • Descriptive display messages showing temperature and time remaining during each cycle.
  • Operator adjustable drying time for drying cycle with factory programmable minimum and maximum time limits.
  • Operator selectable sterilization temperatures with factory programmable preset temperature limits.
  • Operator adjustable sterilization time window for selected sterilization temperature. Factory programmable minimum and maximum sterilization time limits.
  • Over / under-temperature shutdown with scrolling display fault indication: OVER TEMPERATURE FAILURE or UNDER TEMPERATURE FAILURE.

  • Over-temperature shutdown during drying cycle.
  • Temperature warning scrolling display message: WARNING CONTENTS ARE HOT if the door is opened and the temperature is above the factory programmed value.
  • Factory programmable independent PID control settings for both the sterilizing and drying cycles.
  • RTD or thermocouple and status inputs.
  • Relay outputs for heater / vent valve control.
  • Optional direct serial printer output with optional print format including: date, job number for day, time related temperature and time for duration of sterilize cycle, and temperature fault indication on printout.
  • Trend analysis using optional 4000 sample time stamped data logger.
  • For multiple unit OEM manufacturers and refurbishers, the operating system is reconfigurable using Texmate's Development System software.

Texmate Controllers for this application:
DI-602AT5C-DR-PSI-....... Dual display with Steam sterilizer macro.
DI-60AT5C-DR-PS1-....... Single display with Setam sterilizer macro.

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