Our customer has a semi-automated mixing tank and uses a level sensor to detect the tank level. The tank is filled with a primary solution to a reconfigurable percentage of the full tank, controlled by a setpoint. A secondary solution is then added by hand.

Texmate installed a Tiger 320 Series DI-60AT programmable meter controller (PMC). The controller is calibrated to display the percentage in hundredths of a percent (000.00%). When the pump fills the primary solution to the selected percentage, the setpoint relay stops the pump and the controller scrolls the

message PUMP IS NOW OFF. The operator then adds the secondary solution to the tank, and when the level sensor senses the tank is 90.00% full, the meter display scrolls the message TANK IS ABOUT TO OVERFLOW--------TIME TO PANIC.

The macro was written and compiled to control the operation of the primary solution pump and the display messages by the setpoint.

26_Text Messaging and Tank Level Application


  • For irregular shaped tanks, the level sensor signal can be linearized using one of the controller's four built-in programmable linearization tables.