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21_Cut to Length Controller

Our customer operates an automatic cut-to-length guillotine. A Texmate 320 Series programmable meter controller has been installed and programmed to measure length from an encoder input. Setpoint 1 is programmed to operate at the required cut-off length. A clutch and a clamp operate to stop the metal feed motor.

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36_Smart Rain Monitor and Irrigation Controller

Outdoor growers in intermittent or low rainfall areas require irrigation controllers. The controller input is usually from a tipping bucket rain gauge or a flow sensor. Control requirements: If more than X amount of rain falls within a programmed time, the irrigation cycle is interrupted. If Y amount more rain falls within the programmed Off-time, the irrigation cycle is interrupted for a longer time.

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39_Irrigation Scheduling Controller

Our customer requires water balance studies of water resource allocation for crop management to maximize crop yeild and reduce irrigation costs. A weather station with a Tiger 320 Series controller is set up in a vineyard to measure solar radiation, wind speed, rainfall, and air temperature. A macro installed in the meter and generated by the Texmate Development Software program calculates daily evapotranspiration.

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44_Peak Demand

Demand and peak demand are important measurements for large consumers of electricity. This is because the price utilities charge for electricity is related to the peak usage of the consumer over the billing period. The **Electronic Demand Meter** from Texmate is ideal as a submetering system that can measure and track demand and peak demand in different parts of the factory. This information can then be used to manage the overall peak demand strategy of the factory. If the real-time clock option is installed in the **electronic demand meter**, the meter can log or print the time the peak demand occured. The 6 setpoints can be used for load switching or alarms. If an IWO2 watt input module is installed, the amps, volts, frequency kW, and kWh power factor readings can be viewed by using the UP and DOWN buttons.

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45_Flow Rate and Total Flow Measurement

Paddlewheel and turbine flow sensors are similar in operation as they rely on the energy in the flow stream to spin the rotor. The spinning rotor generates either a sinusoidal or square wave output.

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50_Resin to Roving Ratio and Progress Monitoring System for the Composite Industry

Our customer requires the amount of resin and roving used during their manufacturing operation to be calculated, monitored, and recorded on a job-by-job basis, providing them with accurate costing and stock information. Texmate installed a Tiger 320 Series controller and connected it to the resin feedline flow transducer and the roving weighing platform pressure transducer.

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