To create part number, replace XXX with Primary current value (input) and add zero in front of current values less than 3 digits. Then replace Y with secondary (output) value of either 1Amp or 5Amp. One CT is required for each phase.


  • The primary winding is either a cable or busbar that is insulated for voltage application.
  • To be used with Watt, Var, Watt/Var, Watt/Watt-Hour Transducers, Meters and Relays.
  • The base can be mounted either in line with CT or transversely.


  • Complied IEC 60044-1 standards
  • Accuracy Class: 1.0
  • Rated Voltage: 0.6kV
    Note: the primary insulation level determine3354s the max. operating voltage.
  • Insulation test voltage (60Hz, 1 min): 4kV
  • Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated short-time over current: 40 times the rated primary current


  • Secondary sources 5 amps AC at rated F.S. primary current
  • Nominaloperating frequency range is 50-400HZ
  • Thermal rating factor is 1.33 @ 30C for all ratios
  • Insulation voltage class is 0.6kV BIL 10kV
  • For indoor application only
  • Conforms to IEEE C57 and IEC 44-1
  • Enclosure is glass-filled nylon, color is black
  • Optional plate is XX phenolic, optional bracket is steel
  • UL 1015 #18 AWG Lead wire, standard length is 24”, optional custom length