Texmate Panel Meter CM-35XTL

Push-On Connector Part#CN-PUSH/CM



Base Price $227.00

A Multirange, Easily-Scaled 4-20 mA Process Meter with Screw Terminal and Edge Connector Inputs, Dummy 0, °C OR °F and less than 1 V Loop Drop, 3.5 digit LCD

New: Meter is now shipped with both ratcheting type and screw type mounting clips. Combine both types to get extra mounting strength.

Features & Specifications

Download CM-35XTL Features & Specifications (PDF).

Product Information

Download CM-35XTL Full Manual (PDF).

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Custom Display Scaling

Default display scaling Select ZS for a different custom scaling.
Dummy 0, °F or °C Display
Qty Custom digital display scaling within standard ranges

Custom Faceplates and Labels for Meters

Add a customer's product code to the meter label.

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Input Range Change

Factory default input 4-20mA. Default display scaling 1000, choose ZS for a different scaling.

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