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High DC Current measurement using Low Voltage drop 50mV or 100mV Shunts.

3.5 digit Red LED. Input ranges are 20 mV, 200 mV, and 2V full scale, with 2V being standard. All SM-series meters are 5 V DC powered with bipolar single-ended inputs with zero-offset potentiometers as a standard feature.

The meter features Display Hold, Display Test and Auto-Polarity indication. The polarity indication may be disabled or reversed.

New: Meter is now shipped with both ratcheting type and screw type mounting clips. Combine both types to get extra mounting strength.

Features & Specifications

Download SM-35MV Features & Specifications (PDF).

Product Information

Download SM-35MV Full Manual (PDF).

equalizer Display Options

SM-GREEN $22.00
Green LED Display
SM-BLUE $25.00
Blue LED Display

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Custom Display Scaling

Custom digital display scaling within standard ranges

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Input Range Change

Zero offset 50K Potentiometer.
200mV DC Range Change
20mV DC Range Change

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