Texmate Data Analyzer is a Data Log File Analyzer that analyzes files created by the Texmate Data Acquisition Module, OR91, available for Tiger Series Programmable Meter Controllers.

Texmate Data Analyzer analyzes, and can recover data from, Texmate Data Logger Card Files that have had their data deleted using the Data Viewer, or appear to have become corrupted due to power failure or removal of the SD Card from the Data Acquisition module while the device was powered on. Texmate Data Analyzer reports findings as it progresses, can fix the write position in the file, and can also be used to extract discovered data to a CSV file.

Included in the Windows version is a command line executable tool (data_file_analyzer.exe) that can be used to access the functionality of the program directly. Run "data_file_analyzer.exe --help" from the command line for a full list of options.

It is provided by Texmate free of charge and runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or Mac OS X 10.5+ (Intel only).


(, 4.8 MB, July 14, 2010) Mac OS X (Intel)
(, 7.9 MB, July 14, 2010)