Texmate Made in the USAMade in the U.S.A. Quick delivery. Built to Last. Founded in 1976, Texmate designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of intelligent, high quality, made-in-the-USA, IIoT-ready, UL certified and CE/RoHS compliant Texmate SMD productionpanel and DIN rail mount indicators, bargraphs, process controllers, and micro PLCs for over 40 years. Applications include manufacturing, oil and gas, food processing, agriculture, power/energy, military, medical and environmental measurement and control. See application examples by clicking here.

Texmate Tiger PLC network FI-B101D50E Programmable Meter Controller PMC
FI-B101D50T Programmable Meter Controller PMC

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Custom configured meter families

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Tiger, Leopard, and Lynx products

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Texmate Advanced PID Controllers
Texmate Advanced PID Controllers

Texmate CL-B101D40

Smart switchboard style Tricolor or Mono-color digital bargraph with 0.56" LED display controller and four fully programmable set points for monitoring, measurement, and control applications.
CL-B101D40HZ Frequency
CL-B101D40PS Programmable Scale Factor
CL-B101D40RPM RPM Measurement
CL-B101D40-TC Thermocouple
CL-B101D40PF NEW Power Factor Indicator
FL-B101D40PF NEW Power Factor Indicator

The DL-40JANUS programmable panel meter combines the functionality of our old DL-40 and DL-40PSF, allowing rescaling with or without an external signal source and features a switchable program lock.

Modbus RTU RS-485 serial (new), analog and relay output options

Directly connecting the sensor output to one of Texmate's 29 plug-in Input Signal Conditioners that include:
• AC Current • Pressure • Resistance
• AC/DC Voltage • Process • 4 to 20 mA
• Load Cell • Temperature
* DL-40JANUS Features and Specifications Flyer
TL-DUAL-LOOP and TL-QUAD-LOOP Transmitters

SPM-083CL 4-20mA Dimmable, 7V drop
SPM-083ACHZ 20-800Hz @15-200 VAC
SPM-083VDC 15-199 VDC
SPM-083VAC 10-199.9 VAC
0.01% and 0.05% Super Accurate
10mA consumption
Loop Powered and Signal Powered meter
10mm (0.394”) LED Display
Crompton 083 Series Replacement

Texmate Loop Powered Meters
Other Loop Powered Meters