Our customer manufactures machines for loading produce into bags at preset weights. A conveyor carries the produce to the bag. The conveyor speed controller slows the conveyor when the bag nears the required weight. The bag is hung from a load cell which feeds the weight to the Tiger 320 meter controller. When the bag is near the required weight, a setpoint in the meter slows the conveyor. When the bag reaches the required weight, the meter automatically compensates for produce inertia and determines when to stop the conveyor and close the conveyor feed gate. The display flashes between "BAGFUL" and "WEIGHT". The operator unclamps the bag, and the meter counts and totalizes the bag number from the bag clamp microswitch pulse. The operator fits a new bag and the clamp closes after a 1 second delay to stabalize the load cell.

The operator tares the load cell input to 0, cancelling the empty bag weight. The fill cycle restarts. All program functions not used are blanked out and the setpoints are titled for ease of operation. Note: This customer was originally using a panel meter, a PLC and a motor drive for this application. Using Texmate's Tiger 320 Series controller, a PLC is no longer required saving both cost and time in manufacturing.

14_Bag Filling Machine using Load Cell Input


  • The total bag numbers can be set, and the machine stopped at a set total.
  • Proportional start up and slow down.
  • If the serial card is installed into the meter controller, the total product weight, number of bags, date and time information can be sent to a printer or a computer for customer receipt and production records.