To Texmate, Inc. Customers:

Although Texmate is not a public company, Texmate supports the supply chain Conflict Minerals due diligence effort defined by the Conflict Minerals rules established by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on August 22, 2012 as part of the Dodd Frank Act implementation.

Texmate, Inc. (Texmate) uses gold, tantalum and tin in the production of our products. Gold may be present in certain integrated circuits or in connectors as gold plating. Tantalum is primarily used in tantalum capacitors used in virtually all products. Tin is primarily a component of the solder (RoHS and non-RoHS) used in virtually all products.

Texmate is a product manufacturer and is significantly downstream of mineral sourcing and processing. Consistent with its due diligence efforts, it is Texmate's policy that its preferred component and materials manufacturers establish Conflict Minerals policies and procedures that cover the components and materials specified by Texmate. Texmate commits to making a good faith effort to document this compliance and commits to auditing this compliance at reasonable intervals. Corrective action would normally involve the specification of alternate components or materials from compliant manufacturers.

Texmate must rely on information from third parties as part of this effort. It is possible that manufacturer information is inaccurate, unreliable and incomplete. Texmate reduces this risk by specifying components and materials from top tier manufacturers whenever possible. However, decisions on whether and/or how to use all or any portion ofTexmate's conflict minerals information is at the user's sole and absolute discretion. Internal documentation related to Texmate' s Conflict Minerals due diligence efforts shall not be made available to customers, but a periodic report summarizing these efforts may be made available.