Application examples

The application examples section is intended to provide a first-hand look at how Texmate Programmable Meter Controllers are being used in industry.


Product case sizes

Tiger family

Product information on Texmate's Programmable Meter Controllers.

Leopard Meters

Product information on Texmate's Leopard series of modular Meter-relays.


Product information on Texmate's Lynx family of modular indicators, and Texmate's Application Specific indicator products.


Product information on Texmate's modules for Tiger, Leopard and Lynx families of controllers and indicators.


Literature for all of Texmate's products. Datasheets, brochures, supplements. Available in PDF format, and viewable online as well.


Useful files such as CAD information for use in engineering drawings, and software for configuration of the Texmate Tiger 320 series of Programmable Meter Controllers.


Contact Texmate Sales and Technical staff through our support section. An online technical forum is in the works as well.


All about Texmate, Inc. Who and what we are, press releases and much more about Texmate.