Texmate designs and manufactures a wide range of intelligent, high quality, made-in-the-USA, IIoT-ready, UL certified and CE/RoHS compliant Texmate SMD productionpanel and DIN rail mount indicators, bargraphs, process controllers, and micro PLCs for over 40 years. Applications include manufacturing, oil and gas, food processing, agriculture, power/energy, military, medical and environmental measurement and control. See application examples by clicking here.

Meter Cross Over Tables

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Texmate Demo Case Meters and Bargraphs

Refurbishing Power Station Control Room
Refurbishing Power Station Control Room

Auto or Manual Loader Application

DIN Rail Mount Isolator, Transmitter Controllers

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0.01% Super Accurate Internal and External Dimmable Volt & Loop Powered Mini-Meter
MINI-5VDIM: 5V DC Powered, 41mA Consumption
MINI-CL4-20: Loop Powered, 7V drop
3 1/2 Digit, 7mm, 0.276” LED


SPM-083CL 4-20mA Dimmable, 7V drop
SPM-083VDC 15-199 VDC, 10mA consumption
0.01% Super Accurate
Loop Powered and Signal Powered meter
10mm (0.394”) LED
Crompton 083 Series Replacement

Other Loop Powered Meters

Your Meter your Way
Custom configured meter families

TT and Leopard TL Series Transmitters

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