Texmate, Inc designs and manufactures the worlds largest and most comprehensive range of Programmable Meter Controllers, Electronic Panel Meters and Bargraphs. Our Programmable Controllers are used in many different industries. See examples of our wide range of applications by clicking here.

Our Tiger 320 Series of 32-bit Programmable Meter Controllers incorporates, in one instrument, all the different functions required by today's automation and process control applications. Plug-in hardware options provide the specific functions you actually require for each job.

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UL Listed DI-60XT



Load applications to make this device do almost anything! UL Listed.

  • Texmate Announces 15 Percent Discount On All Tiger DI Series Controllers

    Texmate's Executive Vice President announces 15 percent discount on all Tiger DI Series controllers in 1-9 unit quantities to all customers through April 13th 2016. Call-in orders only. For more details, click here.

  • Texmate Announces UL Listing of Tiger DI Series Controller

    Texmate's Executive Vice President said on Friday, "This controller has been a strong, successful product in the market for many years, and it now has the enhanced value of a UL listing. There is currently a discount special for all of our distributors. This special is our way of saying thank you to all of our loyal distributors who have stood by us since 1976." To see the UL documentation of the Tiger DI Series, click here.

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