Texmate SMD production Founded in 1976, Texmate, Inc has been designing and manufacturing the world's largest and most comprehensive range of UL UL certified and CE CE conformed certified Programmable Meter Controllers/Micro PLC, Digital Panel Meters and Bargraphs. Our Programmable Controllers are used in many different industries. See examples of our wide range of applications by clicking here.

plant growing inside the light bulb Our Tiger series Programmable Controllers /Transmitters /Micro PLC incorporate, in one instrument, all the different functions required by today's automation and process control applications. Versatile custom apps further provide the specific functions and automation required just for your processes. Let Texmate's smart meter controllers turn your ideas into reality, swiftly and effortlessly.


4-20mA Isolator
AC Amps Transmitter
AC Volts Transmitter
Line Frequency Transmitter

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