QUESTION: How to reset the alarm when it is set to relay latching mode with manual reset?

I am using a DI-50E with an analog sensor input and two control outputs. I want to add a latching alarm relay, but do not see how I can reset the alarm when it is set to relay latching mode with manual reset?


Our Tiger 320 Series NZ201 Setpoints & Relays Supplement has some answers for you! In addition to showing you how to set up latched setpoints with manual relay reset, Page 23 shows you that a manual relay reset can be done by having an operator press the Up and Down buttons, located on the meter's front panel, at the same time. As explained on Page 22 for Manual Relay Reset mode, you can also reset the latched relay by connecting a remote manual switch between either the Hold or Lock digital inputs and the Common input; this method requires you to set Code_9 as well, for example, to [070] to use the Hold input or to [007] to use the Lock input (see Page 9 of our Tiger 320 Series NZ101 Programming Code Sheet supplement for a complete explanation of functions that can be assigned to the digital inputs using Code_9 ).

QUESTION: How to check if there is a Macro installed in a DI, FI, TI or GI Tiger series T version meter?


Press and hold UP and DOWN buttons (UP and DOWN arrows) at the same time. While holding these buttons, press Prog button, then release UP and DOWN buttons, then release Prog button and press the Prog button again. The meter’s display will scroll through the name of macro if any was installed.