USA UL CE RoHS UL file number: E469078

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A powerful, intelligent, 5/6-digit Programmable Meter Controller (PMC) with modular input signal conditioning Modules and various outputs, advanced software features for monitoring, measurement, control and communication applications.

• The Tiger 320 Operating System supports an easy to use PC based Configuration Utility Program (which can be downloaded FREE from the Texmate website) and programming via front panel buttons.
• Cross channel math functions to calculate the sum, difference, ratio or the product of two inputs.
• Brightness control of LED display from front panel buttons.
• On demand tare, calibration and compensation can be initiated by the front panel program button.
• Autozero maintenance for super stable zero reading is provided for use in weighing applications.
• Programmable input averaging and smart digital filtering for quick response to input signal changes.
• Display text editing. Customize display text for OEM applications.
• Dual independent totalizers to integrate input signals.
• 6 super smart, independently programmable setpoints with 8 selectable functions, including latching, deviation, hysteresis, register resetting, tracking and dual PID. Plus 7 programmable timer modes on all 6 setpoints.
• Setpoints activated from any input, any register in the meter or from any digital input.
• Peak & valley (max & min) with front panel recall and reset.
• Up to 4 selectable 32 point or one 125 point flexible linearization tables are provided.
• Logging with a date/time stamp, initiated at timed intervals, by activation of a setpoint, or manually.
• Free Tiger Apps Development System to create powerful customization to suit any proprietary OEM application.

• The Tiger Controller with it's modular construction simplifies the use for any control and measurement needs.
• More than 120 different interchangeable input signal conditioning module, from 4-20mA, 5AAC, AC Volts, Thermocouple, RTD, Load Cell, Quad Thermocouple, 4-20mA, RTD or combination of RTD+4-20mA, T/C+4-20mA, ACV/AC Amps=Watts and more.
• Different type of Displays are available. 5digit, 6digit, Dual 6digit, Triple 5digit, Bargraph, LCD 6digit and more.
• Auto-sensing high voltage (85-265 VAC / 95-300VDC) or optional low voltage(15-48VAC/10-72VDC) AC / DC power supply.
• Serial output options include RS-232, RS-485, ModBus, Ethernet, or direct meter-to-meter communications.
• Single or dual 16-bit Isolated Analog Outputs. Programmable 0~4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V for retransmission, 4-20mA loops to drive valve actuators, remote controllers & displays, multi-loop feedback and PID output. Scalable from 1 count to full scale.
• For applications where sensor excitation is required, modules are provided with 5V, 10V or 24 V DC voltage outputs.
• Plug-in I/O modules include electromechanical or solid state relays, logic outputs or open collector outputs. 6 inputs & 16 outputs of opto-isolated I/O can be connected to an external DIN Rail terminal block module.
• Internal program safety lockout switch to prevent tampering.
• Data logging in internal 1MB EEPROM or in a removable SD Card Memory Module.
• Real time clock with 15 year Lithium battery backup.
• Optional NEMA-4 front cover.
• UL Listed
• CE Certified

E Version and T Version (Macro Enabled for Autonomous Custom Applications)

DI-45U (discontinued)
DI-50D (discontinued)

Function Dedicated Tiger Meters

Flow / Rate Totalizer

Magnetostrictive Start/Stop Controller

Magnetostrictive Start/Stop Controller

Weighing, Load Cell Controller

Positioning, Displacement Controller