Bargraph meters are very useful to visually show the status of a signal relative to a scale printed next to the bargraph. In particular, bargraphs are very good for displaying signals that vary in amplitude. Texmate carries a comprehensive line of bargraph meters to meet your needs.

Tricolor bargraphs are particularly useful as they can change the color of the bargraph if the signal crosses a predetermined setpoint. For example, show green under Setpoint1 (everything OK), show orange between Setpoint1 and Setpoint2 (warning), show red above Setpoint2 (danger).

Bargraphs with digital displays are very useful for allowing an operator to get a visual cue from the bargraph, then check the meter display for the exact measured value. In addition, some meters allow the bargraph to display one signal and the digital display to show another signal or calculated value. For example, a bag filler could show active filling on the bargraph and show the number of bags filled on the digital display.

Texmate offers bargraph meters in all its product families to meet your display and control needs. Start with your control needs (indicator, on/off, analog output or specialized control needs like tare, averaging, PID, totalizers, communication), case size requirements, required bargraph orientation, input signal requirements and power supply requirements. Then narrow your search based on desired display modes, required outputs and any unique application considerations.

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