Tiger Meters, Bargraphs, and Controllers

The Tiger 320 Series of 32-bit Programmable Meter Controllers incorporates, in one instrument, all the different functions required by today's automation and process control applications.

Plug-in hardware options provide the specific functions you actually require for each job.

Input signal conditioning modules are available for almost every type of sensor output that could be used in a process control application.

Leopard Meters

Leopard Family products are Smart, programmable Bargraphs and Meter Relays with isolated 16 bit 4-20mA or 0-10V Outputs.

Featuring over 40 different plug-in Input signal conditioners, interchangeable between any Leopard Series meter without recalibration or loss of accuracy.

Lynx Indicators

Lynx Family products are configured for Direct Connection to most sensors and process signals, with displays scalable to any unit of measure.

Featuring over 30 different plug-in input signal conditioners, interchangeable between any Lynx Series meter without recalibration or loss of accuracy.

Classic OEM Meters and Bargraphs

Classic OEM meters and Bargraphs. Featuring loop-powered meters and bargraphs, short depth meters for smaller spaces, and measuring almost any input signal.

Specifically recommended for O.E.M.s who require larger quantities of reliable, tried, trusted, and cost effective meters.

  • Tried and trusted for over 40 years to keep doing it’s job.
  • Over 32 million of these meters worldwide in operation today.
  • Efficient design and proven reliability in machines and equipment.
  • Streamlined and economical pricing in O.E.M. quantities.