The customer has an application that requires to:

  1. Display Amps from a DC shunt.
  2. Display and control from dual totalized amp/hrs.

The amp/hrs from totalizer 1 operate Setpoint 1.
At programmed amp/hr intervals, a pump starts for a programmed On-time to pump replenishment chemicals to the plating tank.
When Setpoint 1 energizes, totalizer 1 resets to 0, the pump cycle starts, and the amp/hrs totalizer 1 restarts.

The amp/hrs from totalizer 2 operates Setpoint 2.
The chemical has a total life cycle calculated in DC amp/hrs, Setpoint 2 operates an alarm advising the operator when the chemical life has been exceeded. When the chemical is changed a reset button is pressed and totalizers1 and 2 are reset to 0.

17_DC Amps and Amp / Hr Controller


  • Temperature control.
  • Use Texmate DI-503 three display controller.
  • Use 6 digit alpha numeric display for better legability.
  • Automate process On time and wash cycle.
  • Individual job Amp Hrs On time.
  • Operational Display "flashes" when replenishment pump On.