Our customer has a tank supported on a load cell and requires to dispense measured amounts of product from the tank.

Texmate installed a Tiger 320 Series DI-50E meter calibrated to indicate the product weight in the appropriate engineering units. The meter is installed with two remote push-button switches configured as TARE and TARE CLEAR. All non-application codes are blanked out. Relay 1 is connected to the tank outlet valve. The amount of product required is programmed into the meter at setpoint 1. Setpoint 1 is programmed with initial startup inhibit and relay latch OFF. (See Setpoints & Relays Supplement (NZ201) for full details.)

When the TARE button is pressed:

  1. The display tares to 0.0
  2. Relay latch off is removed and the relay energizes.
  3. The valve opens until the setpoint value is reached and then closes as relay latch off operates again.
  4. Pressing the TARE CLEAR button returns the meter to the operational display, indicating the weight of product remaining in the tank.

Note: The product weight reduces during dispensing, therefore the setpoint value is negative for the product taken.

33_Dispense Tank Product by Weight


  • The meter can be programmed to read in kilograms or pounds, liters or gallons.
  • A Texmate 320 Series DI-60AT alphanumeric meter can be used to customize the display text to suit the application.
  • A program sequence macro can be installed and run on any Tiger 320 Series "T" type meter for batching applications.

  • Up to six relays are available for batch control operations.
  • A front panel button can be programmed to display the weight of the tank and product in pounds or kilograms.
  • With the serial output module installed, the meter can be setup to print the dispensed product amount.