Avoid costly motor and speed controllers for filling applications by using precise digital setpoint tracking.

The combination of a DI-60A programmable meter controller fitted with a smart load cell input module does just this, delivering accurate and reliable digital process control.

The container is placed under the tank outlet. The start button is pressed, the display is reset to zero (Tared), the valve opens and the motor starts running until setpoint 1 is reached. The motor switches off and before the motor and pump stop completely (due to the motor inertia), the fill weight is reached and setpoint 2 is then deactivated at the fill weight and the valve closes.

The filled container is removed. A new container is placed under the outlet. The start button is pressed and the fill process is repeated.

Options: Text messaging for intuitive identification of setpoint and operator instructions. Second input for container positioning sensor for automation applications.Totalize total liters dispensed. Switch off at preprogrammed total. Print out to serial printer: Date / Time and liters dispensed for customer receipt applications.

37_Filling Application using Load Cell Input