Our customer operates a trucking company and requires a printed record of the weight of the load being carried.

Texmate installed a Tiger 320 series DI-50E meter with a permanently connected serial printer and two remote pushbutton switches. The meter is connected to the weighbridge, calibrated to read in the appropriate engineering units, and programmed for the remote tare functions with all non-application codes blanked out.

The output from the weighbridge load cells is fed to the meter's input signal conditioner. The meter is programmed to tare the weight of the empty truck on the weighbridge before weighing the truck and its payload. The truck and its payload are then weighed providing a payload weight only.

30_Payload from a Weighbridge


  • The meter can be set to read in either tons or pounds, metric tonnes or kilograms, or load dollar value.
  • A Texmate alphanumeric DI-60AT meter can be used to customize the display text to suit the application.
  • Setpoints can be used to control the truck filling process. Up to six relays are available for batching operations.