Demand and peak demand are important measurements for large consumers of electricity. This is because the price utilities charge for electricity is related to the peak usage of the consumer over the billing period. The Electronic Demand Meter from Texmate is ideal as a submetering system that can measure and track demand and peak demand in different parts of the factory. This information can then be used to manage the overall peak demand strategy of the factory.

If the real-time clock option is installed in the electronic demand meter, the meter can log or print the time the peak demand occured. The 6 setpoints can be used for load switching or alarms. If an IWO2 watt input module is installed, the amps, volts, frequency kW, and kWh power factor readings can be viewed by using the UP and DOWN buttons.

One of three different techniques can be selected to measure demand.

  1. Fixed Time or Block Internal Demand. In this mode, the demand is the average of the signal (normally AC current, power or apparent power) over a set time programmable from 1 - 60 minutes.
  2. Sliding Demand. This is the average of the previous 15 minutes updated every 100 msec.
  3. Thermal Demand. An algorithm is used which simulates the thermal response of an analog demand meter. The demand setting can be programmed from 1 - 60 minutes.

44_Peak Demand