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23_Linearize Yacht Fuel Tank Application

A boat builder requires to display the amount of fuel in an irregular shaped tank using a level sensor. As the output from the level sensor is not linear, a bargraph programmable meter controller is installed to linearize the signal. The digital display shows the amount of fuel in liters, while the bargraph display shows this as a percentage of the tank capacity.

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26_Text Messaging and Tank Level Application

Our customer has a semi-automated mixing tank and uses a level sensor to detect the tank level. The tank is filled with a primary solution to a reconfigurable percentage of the full tank, controlled by a setpoint. A secondary solution is then added by hand. Texmate installed a Tiger 320 Series DI-60AT programmable meter controller (PMC). The controller is calibrated to display the percentage in hundredths of a percent (000.00%). When the pump fills the primary solution to the selected percentage, the setpoint relay stops the pump and the controller scrolls the

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27_Boiler Energy Calculation Macro

Our customer supplies hot water from a heat exchanger to other users and charges them for kilowatt hours (kW.h) used. The customer supplied calculation to compile the macro was: The difference between water temperature out and water temperature returned x a factor x flow in liters per second. For flow rate in liters/min -> kW - Flowrate (1/m) / 60 x dT (C) x 4.190 -> kW - Flowrate (1/m) x dT (C) x 0.06983333

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29_Beam Stress Test

Our customer carries out stress tests on beams to determine the peak load pressure and the linear displacement reading at the point of failure. Texmate installed a Tiger 320 Series DI-50E meter configured to display and hold the peak readings, load pressure on Channel 1, and linear displacement on Channel 2.

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42_Smoke Density and Temperature Monitor

With the mounting pressure to clean up the atmosphere, many local authorities are now legislating the maximum density of smoke released into the atmosphere from chimneys. They now require chimney output opacity (smoke density) and temperature to be monitored, averaged and recorded at one minute intervals with a date and time stamp.

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53_Motor Generator-Set Frequency Control

Our customer has a motor generator set that requires to be controlled at 60 Hz output frequency. Texmate installed a DL-40F controller to measure and display the frequency and to control the motor speed control actuator via the 4-20 mA analog output.

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