Texmate Panel Meter AM-20


Base Price $89.00

20 Segment LED Bargraph. Single positive inputs only. Input ranges: 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, and 1200V. Selectable Dot Bar mode and scale indicators. X5 resolution increase with proportional brightness mode. Custom scaling available. Operates as a center-zero meter with isolated 5 V power supply. 0.15" segments. Current consumption 20 mA in Bar mode. Can operate from 4 to 24V DC in Dot mode.

Features & Specifications

Download AM-20 Features & Specifications (PDF).

Product Information

Download AM-20 Full Manual (PDF).

equalizer Display Options

AM-VERT/GRN $11.00
Vertical Green LED option
AM-HORZ/RED $11.00
Horizontal Red LED option
AM-HORZ/GRN $13.00
Horizontal Green LED option
AM-20DOT $21.00
Dot mode - one segment display. Specify left or center zero.

Custom Faceplates and Labels for Meters

Artwork Data Recovery Fee

Custom Faceplates for Bargraphs

Install Faceplate per meter - 1 color
Install Faceplate per meter - 2 color
Install Faceplate per meter - 3 color
NRC for artwork and set-up Faceplate from Texmate's Library

Engineering Services

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Range Change

4-20mA input signal specified required reading.
1200 VDC Range Change.
200 VDC Range Change.
20 VDC Range Change.

Cases and Case Accessories