Base Price $352.00

A powerful, intelligent, 5-digit, 3-display, 96x48mm, Programmable Meter Controller (PMC)

Product Information

Download DI-503-POWER Full Manual (PDF).

equalizer Display Options

RRR $0.00
3 x Red LED, 0.31 inch high
GGG $34.00
3 x Green LED, 0.31 inch high
Custom Call for Price
3 x LED, 0.31 inch high, custom color combination
BBB $80.00
3 x Bright Red LED, 0.31 Inch High

power_input Power Supply

PS1 $0.00
PS2 $40.00

Custom Configuration

Qty Install custom configuration file - Tiger

Custom Faceplates and Labels for Meters

Artwork Data Recovery Fee

Custom Legend on non-membrane type faceplate

Up to four characters on non-membrane type faceplate

Display Custom Scaling

Custom display scaling within standard ranges

Engineering Services

$ Qty

Output Custom Scaling

Custom scaling of analog output for digital meters and bargraphs

Range Change

Range Change from Standard Range shown in BOLD Type. Please specify range when ordering.

Small Run Custom Faceplates for Meters and Bargraphs

Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 1 color
Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 2 color
Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 3 color
Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 4 color
NRC for Artwork & set-up Custom Faceplate and/or Descriptor

4" Switchboard Panel Mounting Adapter Plate

Cables and Serial Communications

Cases and Case Accessories


Descriptor Adhesive

External DIN Rail Mounting Breakout Box

High Strength Panel Mounting Adapter Kit

NEMA-4X Clear Lockable Water and Dust Proofing Cover

NEMA-4X Panel to Case Seal Adapters

Short Depth 96x48 Remote Displays