Base Price $245.00

The MU-35CL is a miniature, streamlined 4 to 20 mA current loop meter.

It is specifically designed to be easily user-scaled and calibrated to almost any conceivable engineering unit, such as temperature, pressure, viscosity or flow rates, etc., without requiring component changes.

Features & Specifications

Download MU-35CL Features & Specifications (PDF).

Product Information

Download MU-35CL Full Manual (PDF).

equalizer Display Options

MU-GREEN $14.00
Green LED Display

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Custom Display Scaling

Qty Custom digital display scaling within standard ranges

Custom Faceplates and Labels for Meters

Add a customer's product code to the meter label.

Custom Legend on non-membrane type faceplate

Custom Meter Descriptor

Engineering Services


Input Range Change

Factory default input 4-20mA. Default display scaling 100.0, choose ZS for a different scaling.

Cases and Case Accessories


Descriptor Adhesive

Power Supply