Base Price $145.00

96x24mm, Lynx, 31 segment bargraph. Available in red, or green displays, with or without relay outputs.

Product Information

Download BX-B31 Manual (PDF).

Certifications, Awards, and Listings

The BX-B31 is UL Listed.

equalizer Display Options

HG $15.00
31 Segment Green LED Bargraph, Horizontal
HR $5.00
31 Segment Red LED Bargraph, Horizontal
VG $15.00
31 Segment Green LED Bargraph, Vertical
VR $0.00
31 Segment Red LED Bargraph, Vertical

power_input Power Supply

PS1 $0.00
PS2 $35.00



IA01 $40.00 AC-Volts Scaled RMS, 200/300V AC

IA02 $40.00 AC-Volts Scaled RMS, 200mV/2V/20V AC

IA03 $45.00 AC-mA Scaled RMS, 2/20/200mA AC

IA04 $45.00 AC-Amps Scaled RMS, 1 Amp AC

IA05 $45.00 AC-Amps Scaled RMS, 5 Amp AC

IA06 $65.00 AC-Volts True RMS, 200/300V AC

IA07 $65.00 AC-Volts True RMS, 200mV/2V/20V AC

IA08 $65.00 AC-mA True RMS, 2/20/200mA AC

IA09 $65.00 AC-Amps True RMS, 1 Amp AC

IA10 $65.00 AC-Millivolt, Scaled RMS, 100mV AC

IA11 $65.00 AC-Amps True RMS, 5 Amp AC

IA12 $65.00 AC-Millivolt, RMS Sigma Delta


ID01 $30.00 DC-Volts, 2/20/200V/Custom w/24V DC Exc

ID02 $40.00 DC-Millivolt, 20/50/100/200mV DC w/24V DC Exc

ID03 $30.00 DC-Milliamp, 2/20/200mA DC w/24V DC Exc

ID04 $60.00 DC-Amps, 5A DC

ID05 $50.00 DC-Volts 2/20/200/Custom V DC w/Offset and 24V Exc.

ID07 $40.00 DC-Milliamp, 2/20/200mA DC w/Offset and 24V Exc

ID09 $60.00 DC-Amps, 1A DC


IF02 $60.00 Line Frequency, 100-140VAC


IR02 $45.00 3 wire Potentiometer, 1kΩ min

IR03 $45.00 Linear Potentiometer, 1kΩ min.


IGYZ $130.00 Universal Direct Pressure (Absolute or Differential/Gage).

IS05 $65.00 Pressure/Load Cell, 20/2mV/V, 5/10V Excitation, 4-wire

IS06 $65.00 Pressure/Load Cell External Excitation, 20/2mV/V, 4-wire


IP01 $40.00 Process Loop, 4-20mA

IP02 $50.00 Process Loop, 4-20mA with 24VDC Exc

IP03 $50.00 Process Input, 1-5V DC with Offset, 24V Exc


IPT1 $20.00 Prototype Board for Custom Design


IR04 $45.00 Resistance 2kΩ


IT03 $45.00 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2/3/4-wire (-200 to 800°C)

IT04 $45.00 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2/3/4-wire (-200 to 1470°F)

IT05 $45.00 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2/3/4-wire (-199.0 to 199.0°F)

IT06 $45.00 Thermocouple, J Type (0-1400 °F)

IT07 $45.00 Thermocouple, K Type (0-1999 °F)

IT08 $45.00 Thermocouple, J Type (0-760 °C)

IT09 $45.00 Thermocouple, K Type (0-1260 °C)

IT14 $45.00 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2/3/4-wire (-199.0 to 199.0°C)

Custom Faceplates for Bargraphs

Install Faceplate per meter - 1 color
Install Faceplate per meter - 2 color
Install Faceplate per meter - 3 color
NRC for artwork and set-up Faceplate from Texmate's Library
NRC for artwork and set-up Faceplate from Texmate's Library with your Company Logo

Custom Selectable Range Installation or Modification

Qty Factory installation - custom configuration, specify serial number
NRC to set-up custom selectable range

Custom Special Scaling Beyond the Standard Range

Qty Installation for a Bargraph, specify serial number

Display Custom Scaling

Qty Custom bargraph display scaling within standard ranges

Large Run Custom Faceplates

Minimum order of 250 dollars - 1 color (250 pcs @ $1 each).
Minimum order of 350 dollars - 2 color (250 pcs @ $1.40 each)..
Minimum order of 450 dollars - 3 colors (250 pcs @ $1.80 each)..
Custom Faceplate, 250 min. - Artwork & setup + Logo.

Range Change

Qty Range Change from Standard Range shown in BOLD Type. Please specify range when ordering.

Cases and Case Accessories


Power Supply