TC Series PID Controllers

Fuzzy Logic Auto-Tuning PID Controller Models TC-96, TC-96H, TC-72, TC-96V, TC-48

Standard Auto-Tuning PID Controller Model TC-480

Fuzzy Logic Auto-Tuning PID Valve Controller Model TC-96A

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PID Temperature Controller Models - TC-96, TC-96H, TC-72, TC-96V, TC-48, TC-480, TC-96A

The Texmate TC Series of PID Controllers can be used in a wide variety of precision process control applications including Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Air-Conditioning, Gas Detection, DC Current, DC Voltage and more. With a wide variety of control, input, output and size options, their versatility is unmatched. Most models offer manual tuning or fuzzy logic auto-tuning of PID parameters and high accuracy at a very reasonable cost; the TC-480 is a cost effective, standard auto-tuning PID controller offering a control output bargraph and the shortest depth.

In addition, the TC-96A fuzzy logic auto-tuning PID Valve Controller provides specific functionality for Valve Open/Close applications and features a ruggedized power supply for challenging power quality areas.

Control Options
PID - Auto
PID - Manual
Display (all models)
Process Value
Setting Value
Auto Tune Mode LED
Manual Tune Mode LED
Alarm 1 and 2 Status LEDs
Output 1 and 2 Status LED
Input Options
RTD (PT-100)
DC Current (e.g., 4-20mA)
DC Voltage (wide range)
Output Options
Relay (NO, NC operation programmable)
SSR Drive
DC Voltage (wide range)

Ordering Information

PID Temperature Controller Order Code Options PID Temperature Control Standard Features
1 250 ohm minimum load (TC-480: 1.2 Kohm minimum)
2 600 ohm maximum load
3 600 ohm minimum load
Alarm 2 can be set to act as Control Output 2
using meter programming.
Output2 and 4-20mA Retransmission are
mutually exclusive, choose only one of the two.
6 For Alarm relays, NC (Form B) operation can be
simulated using meter programming.
7 For TC-480 only, Linear input is selectable via menu.
For all other models, Linear input is specified at order.
Ratings (TC-480Specific)
Power SupplyConsumption5VA maximum (4VA max.)
Input AccuracyThermocouple+/-1°C ( +/- 2°C for B, R, S, N, C)
RTD +/-0.2°C
Current (linear) range +/-20μA (+/-4μA)
Voltage (linear) low range +/-3μV ( +/-10μV)
Voltage (linear) high range +/-500μV ( +/-2mV)
Sampling Time 0.25sec (0.10sec)
Environmental Operating Temperature 0-50°C
Operating Humidity 0-90%RH, noncondensing (0-85%RH)
Storage -25 - 65°C, noncondensing
Control Method Proportional 0.0-300.0%F.S.
Integral time 0 - 3600sec (0-3000sec)
Derivitave time 0 - 900sec (0-1000sec)
Hysteresis 0.0 - 200.0 or 0.0 -2000 ( 0.0-999.9 or 0-9999)
Cycle Time 0 - 100sec (0-60sec)
Weight TC-480: 100g      TC-48: 125g      TC-72: 200g      TC-96H: 215g
TC-96V: 215g      TC-96: 280g      TC-96A: 280g
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