Case Dimensions

Bezel: 4.06"x1.89" (102.7x47.9 mm)
Depth behind bezel: 3.34" (84.6 mm)
Plus 0.77" (19.4 mm) for Edge connectors

Panel Cutouts

Loose Fitting: 3.84"x1.78" (97.5x45 mm)
Snug Fitting: 3.58"x1.64" (91x41.6 mm)

Download NEMA Standard Case Detailed Case Dimensions and Panel Cutouts (PDF).

Available Meters:

  • Classic OEM Meters and Bargraphs »
    • RP-35A RP-35A
      3.5 Digit Red LED w/Differential Inputs, 2VDC std
    • RP-4500D2 RP-4500D2
      4.5 Digit Red LED Ultra Stable, Differential, 2VDC std
    • UM-35 UM-35
      3.5 digit Red LED, DCV measure, 2/20V or 2/200V
    • UM-35AC UM-35AC
      3.5 digit Red LED, ACV measure, 199.9/500VAC
    • UM-35ACI1 UM-35ACI1
      3.5 digit Red LED, ACA measure, 1 A AC (
    • UM-35CL UM-35CL
      3.5 digit Red LED, Process 4-20mA (
    • UM-35CLE UM-35CLE
      3.5 digit Red LED, Process 4-20mA w/24VDC Exc. (
    • UM-35MV UM-35MV
      3.5 digit Red LED, DCmV measure, 50/100mV
    • UM-40AC UM-40AC
      4 digit Red LED, ACV measuring, 700.0VAC
    • UM-45 UM-45
      4.5 digit Red LED, DCV measuring, 2/20/200V
    • UM-45MV UM-45MV
      4.5 digit Red LED, DCmV measure, 50/100/200mV