Texmate Panel Meter Controller FL-B202Q

144x36 metal surround case 144x36 NEMA4X clear cover


Base Price $369.00

144x36mm, Leopard, Dual 101 Segment Bargraphs.

Please note that in 2012 the headers were changed from 2-pin to 3-pin headers. This is differs to what is shown in the Product Manual. New header details here (PDF).

Features & Specifications

Download FL-B202Q Features & Specifications (PDF).

Product Information

Download FL-B202Q Full Manual (PDF).

Certifications, Awards, and Listings

The FL-B202Q is UL Listed.

Panel Cutout Adapter

Panel Cut-Out Trim Plate Set

equalizer Display Options

VRR $0.00
2 x Red LED Bar, Vertical
VRG $16.00
Red / Green LED Bar, Vertical
VGR $18.00
Green / Red LED Bar, Vertical
VGG $33.00
2 x Green LED Bar, Vertical
Q2VB $22.00
2 x Blue LED Bar, Vertical
Q2HB $22.00
2 x Blue LED Bar, Horizontal
HRR $6.00
Red / Red LED Bar, Horizontal
HRG $22.00
Red / Green LED Bar, Horizontal
HGR $22.00
Green / Red LED Bar, Horizontal
HGG $40.00
2 x Green LED Bar, Horizontal

power_input Power Supply

PS1 $0.00
PS2 $50.00

Choose Your Options ▲

Choose Your Options ▼

* One input module needs to be selected to complete the order.
* Factory pre-installed range is in bold type. For other standard ranges, select ZR under the Special Options tab.



IA06 $116.00 AC Volts True RMS, 3 ~ 600V AC

IA07 $116.00 AC mV True RMS, 3 ~ 200mV

IA08 $109.00 AC-mA True RMS, 2/20/200mA AC

IA09 $109.00 AC-Amps True RMS, 1 Amp AC

IA11 $116.00 AC-Amps True RMS, 5 Amp AC

IA3V $116.00 AC Volts True RMS, 30mV ~ 3V AC


ID01 $68.00 DC-Volts, 2/20/200V/Custom w/24V DC Exc

ID02 $78.00 DC-Millivolt, 20/50/100/200mV DC w/24V DC Exc

ID03 $78.00 DC-Milliamp, 2/20/200mA DC w/24V DC Exc

ID04 $96.00 DC-Amps, 5A DC

ID05 $85.00 DC-Volts 2/20/200/Custom V DC w/Offset and 24V Exc.

ID07 $79.00 DC-Milliamp, 2/20/200mA DC w/Offset and 24V Exc

ID09 $96.00 DC-Amps, 1A DC

IP07 $78.00 Universal Process 2V/5V/10V/20V/200V/2mA/20mA/Custom


IR03 $68.00 Linear Potentiometer, 1kΩ min.


IGYZ $195.00 Universal Direct Pressure (Absolute or Differential/Gage).

IS01 $99.00 Strain Gage 5/10VDC Exc., 20/2mV/V, 4/6-wire

IS02 $99.00 Pressure 5/10VDC Exc., 20/2mV/V, 4/6-wire

IS04 $96.00 Pressure/Load Cell with External Excitation, 20/2mV/V, 4/6-wire

IS05 $99.00 Pressure/Load Cell, 20/2mV/V, 5/10V Excitation, 4-wire

IS06 $97.00 Pressure/Load Cell External Excitation, 20/2mV/V, 4-wire


IP01 $68.00 Process Loop, 4-20mA

IP02 $78.00 Process Loop, 4-20mA with 24VDC Exc

IP03 $78.00 Process Input, 1-5V DC with Offset, 24V Exc


IDP4 $118.00 Dual Universal Process input 2V/10V/20V/200V/2mA/20mA/Custom


IR05 $99.00 Resistance 2kΩ


IT03 $85.00 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2/3/4-wire (-200 to 800°C) (Lynx only)

IT04 $85.00 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2/3/4-wire (-200 to 1470°F) (Lynx only)

IT05 $85.00 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2/3/4-wire (-199.0 to 199.0°F) (Lynx only)

IT06 $85.00 Thermocouple, J Type (0-1400 °F) (Lynx only)

IT07 $85.00 Thermocouple, K Type (0-1999 °F) (Lynx only)

IT08 $85.00 Thermocouple, J Type (0-760 °C) (Lynx only)

IT09 $85.00 Thermocouple, K Type (0-1260 °C) (Lynx only)

IT14 $85.00 RTD, 100Ω Pt. 2/3/4-wire (-199.0 to 199.0°C) (Lynx only)


IA05 $108.00 AC-Amps Scaled RMS, 5 Amp AC

Custom Display Scaling

Qty Custom bar display scaling within standard ranges

Custom Faceplates and Labels for Meters

Artwork Data Recovery Fee (per serial number)
Add a customer's product code to the meter label.

Custom Legend on non-membrane type faceplate

Custom Meter Descriptor

Engineering Services


Input Range Change

Qty Input Range Change from Standard Range shown in BOLD Type. Please specify range when ordering.

Output Custom Scaling

Qty Custom analog output range, for 101Q, 202Q series bargraphs

Small Run Custom Faceplates for Meters and Bargraphs

Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 1 color
Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 2 color
Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 4 color
One time charge for custom faceplate design with an assigned serial number. (per serial number)

Cases and Case Accessories


Descriptor Adhesive

NEMA-4X Clear Lockable Water and Dust Proofing Cover