In many industrial applications it is necessary to be able to control a device manually. Often a potentiometer or rotary switch is used, but this method can be too coarse and not easily repeatable. Texmate have developed a versatile and easy-to-use selection of manual stations, using their Tiger 320 Series controller, that produce an accurate, digitally controlled and scaled 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V output.

The digital value shown on the controller display is proportional to the scaled output and is adjusted directly through the front panel buttons to ensure precise and repeatable operation.

The auto manual station provides an automatic and manual analog control output to PLCs, process controllers, speed controllers, and actuated devices. Input to the station can be from a PLC or from almost any input sensor type.

57_Manual / Auto Station

The input signal automatically controls the analog output from the auto manual station to the controlled device in the auto mode. If the operator needs to manually control the analog output independently of the input signal, the station can be switched to the manual mode using

the front panel PROGRAM button. The auto manual station can then be returned to the auto mode when required by the operator. The control output will then ramp up or down at the programmed rate-of-change to provide bumpless transfer between modes.

The rate-of-change is the transfer rate of the control output signal changing from the manual mode back to the automatic control output signal of the auto mode.

This is set by the operator as displayed counts per second by pressing the PROGRAM and DOWN button at the same time and entering the [rAtE] menu.

Manual mode control output signal high low limits can also be set.

Products for this solution:

Tiger 320 Series.

For Texmate's manual station, see Application Note 56: Auto Manual Station.